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OSCA Hong Kong 2011


There will be a total of five teams in Hong Kong this summer. Each 7-person team will work in different schools during the day, but all the teams stay in the same accommodation.


The dates for the OSCA Hong Kong projects are not confirmed yet. While it's possible there will be variations between teams, it's likely the programme will take place from the 2nd of July to the 12th of August. You can see a typical schedule here.


All the Hong Kong camps are day camps: they run from 9am to 4pm, which will leave you plenty of time to get your energy back and enjoy Hong Kong. You will have weekends free unlike in quite a few of the other camps, giving you more time to party and explore the amazing city that is Hong Kong.


It’s not all partying. Teaching in Hong Kong is quite tough, probably harder than in most other locations. The Camps will be a combination of primary and secondary students. Some of the camps are in disadvantaged schools with students who only know a few words of English. Other schools have students with almost conversational English. The huge variation of ages and proficiency levels will mean a great deal of preparation and changing of teaching material.


Accommodation in Hong Kong is basic but good. You will enjoy the luxury of air conditioning (which in that weather is oh so welcome!), clean western toilets (you will only truly appreciate this one if you go to one of our other projects without them…) and a complete lack of cockroaches, lizards, frogs and giant millipedes (which are from memory things some past volunteers have encountered and fought in some non-Hong Kong camps).


Hong Kong itself is an amazing city. A unique mix of East and West with dazzling skyscrapers towering over small noodle shops in one of Asia’s busiest cities. Colonial buildings from its British past mix with Buddhist temples, stunning beaches surrounded by mountains and a buzzing city with an amazing night life. Hong Kong is most definitely a pretty cool place to spend a month of your summer!


Travelling: Hong Kong is probably the best place in Asia from which to travel. Whether you want to travel in China, or fly to another South East Asian country like Thailand, Philippines or Cambodia, doing it from Hong Kong will be the cheapest way. Most people who do Camps in Hong Kong go travelling in China (and with 35 other volunteers in this project, you will probably find someone who wants to go travelling in the same region as you do!)


If after reading this there is any other info you’d like to have about this project or about Hong Kong, please email us.

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