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Volunteering with OSCA


Why join OSCA?

OSCA provides an incredible experience for all our volunteers as well as the participating children. Our summer camps give all volunteers a unique opportunity to interact with children and young people of a foreign culture. Spending such significant amounts of time volunteering in fascinating cities around the world allows our volunteers to gain a unique and unparalleled insight into life in Asia which you simply don’t get by passing through as a tourist. At the same time, OSCA volunteers have the opportunity to work with other similarly talented and enthusiastic Oxbridge students in stimulating team-centred environments.


How much does volunteering with OSCA cost?

Nothing! OSCA volunteers receive fully funded places. The funding covers flights, accommodation and subsistence allowance for the duration of the project. OSCA also offers free training sessions to prepare our volunteers for the projects. Volunteers are asked for a deposit of 200 pounds which is fully refunded at the end of the programme.


Who will you be working with?

A typical OSCA team has a total of seven or eight members. We are joined in the destination country by an equal number of local volunteers who work with us as bilingual teaching assistants. These local volunteers are usually teachers from the participating schools or local university students wishing to enjoy further exposure to English.


When will OSCA 2010 take place?

All projects take place during the summer. The dates vary from project to project, so please check the info in the relevant project’s page.


If you still have questions or queries about OSCA, please read the FAQ. If this does not satisfy, please e-mail us.

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