Oxbridge Summer Camps Abroad



Application Form Guidelines



Please answer all the questions in the form. If you need to leave something blank, type in N/A as you will get an error if you try to submit a form with missing fields. The application form is divided into four parts:


Personal info: We ask for your name and contact details to be able to contact you. We also ask for your academic details, as the schools we work with like to know these.


Degree(s): If you are a graduate student, please write both your undergraduate degree and your graduate degree.


Other info: We ask for information which we’d like to know from the volunteers who get a place in our projects, as not to have to ask it again later.


Dietary requirements: Vegetarian, halal etc. N/A if none.


Medical conditions: Please include allergies. If you are allergic to peanuts you should check with your GP on the advisability of travelling to different Asian countries, as peanut oil is used in some parts of Asia for cooking.


Nationality: As it appears on your passport. We ask for this and your name as it appears on your passport as we’ll need to give it to a travel agency for you to book your free flight to Asia.


Projects you are applying for: Please apply for all the projects you are interested in. Being interested in more locations means you are applying for a greater number of places, increasing your chances of getting a place. Choosing only one location, doesn't increase your chances of being offered a place in that location: it simply means you won't be offered a place for any other location.


Application form questions: This is the section of the application form that we use for assessing candidates skills. Please note there is a length limit for each answer and the form will not let you write beyond that limit.


Past experience teaching or working with young people: Please be as specific as possible with the exact amount of time you have spent on each position you refer to. E.g. don't write "I voluteer saturdays at a playscheme', as this doesn't indicate how much experience you could have gained from that position. A more useful way of phrasing this would be: 'I've volunteered at a playscheme for about 20 days over a two year period'. Please also be specific about number of young people you have supervised and whether you worked on your own or with others.

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