OSCA Japan


There are different streams of teaching offered on the Japan camp which means that everyone will be doing something different while in Japan. Each stream usually lasts one – two weeks and each teacher therefore teaches for five weeks, or about four or five streams. If you get to go on OSCA Japan, you’ll receive notes with feedback and advice from the teachers who did your streams last year, so never fear!

The dates for 2016 are as yet unconfirmed, but very likely to be on the same weeks as last years camp, which ran from 16 July to 18 August. This year, 12 teachers plus one director will be teaching for OSCA Japan. Because this is a small camp and some streams are taught alone, OSCA Japan requires a great level of both independence and teaching ability. But it’s also incredibly fun and enriching to go to this amazing country!

The OSCA Japan camp is run in conjunction with the Hyogo International Association, who are based in Kobe, Japan. This is a residential town near Osaka in west Japan. All of the teaching for OSCA takes place in and around Kobe. Along with teaching, which differs for teacher to teacher, HIA will also organise events for the OSCA teachers. This is an opportunity to show Kobe to but also for their members to meet us as well. One of these events is a very formal ‘Welcome Party’ during which various performances of Japanese culture are given, and will end with the OSCA teachers giving a short performance to show off the U.K. in return. It’s about five minutes long and they always enjoy it, so don’t worry about that! Other events include a glass-painting class and a tour with the HIA members. HIA also puts on a dinner at the very end of OSCA Japan where you can meet everyone’s students and have a really fun time getting to know a huge group of new people! All the OSCA teachers participate in these events, but depending on your teaching stream you will also do a lot of other things as well.

During your time in Japan with OSCA you might teach high school children (ages 16-17) or senior adult learners, and you are also very likely to teach university students at some point. Click here to find out more about a teacher's experience on last year's camp in!


Whenever you are not living in a homestay or residential, OSCA teachers will be living in the Hotel Sunroute Sopra Kobe, a really lovely four-star hotel right in the centre of Kobe city, which is paid for by the HIA. It is wonderful and comfortable and definitely some of the best accommodation offered on OSCA! It is also really useful to meet the other teachers who you don’t see for the whole camp, as they are living right next door.


OSCA teachers generally travel around Japan after teaching is finished with. Many of us were also able to travel to nearby cities during our teaching, including Osaka and Kyoto.

As you might expect, Japan is an incredible place to travel, especially if you are already interested in Japanese culture. It is useful to pick up little bits of the language as English is not readily spoken, and there are not always English language signs.

Last year, we visited Kyoto, the old capital of Japan, which is replete with temples and shrines, and stayed in a hostel in the Gion area, which is also where the geisha stay. We also visited Hiroshima, and ended our visit in Tokyo, which is incredible and huge and has endless attractions. In previous years OSCA teachers have also visited Matsuyama, a famous bath town, and other small towns and islands all over Japan. Japan is incredible and varied, from the amazing traditional architecture in Kyoto to the bustling megapolis of Tokyo are definitely worth seeing.

If, after reading this, you have any questions about the Japan project, please feel free to email us.