OSCA Hong Kong Residental Camp 2012

To describe the entire Hong Kong experience would take more time than the trip itself. With an overwhelming mix of international cultures, it is easy to slip into Hong Kong life comfortably allowing you to experience the real side of the city.

Everyone on the scheme approached the camps cautiously at first - nobody knew what to expect, despite being provided with more than sufficient information by the OSCA head-team - it was a journey you had to make yourself.

“I would definitely do it again.”

Constant challenges, fun and games, and the occasional tear, the teaching was by far the most rewarding experience for all of the OSCA volunteers. The feeling our volunteers got when watching the children have the chance to be creative, play games and grow in confidence was one of the most special parts of the trip, and something unique to teaching in Asia. Tiring, stressful and hard work the rewards of the teaching were gained through the constant input of hard work by the team. With the extra added bonus of being in Hong Kong there really is no better, more exciting challenge than teaching and living as an OSCA volunteer in any of the locations. 

“The residential camp was challenging for everyone involved but after fourteen days the teachers, TAs, and students alike all emerged more confident in themselves. As everyone got to know each other, teaching and learning became effortless and fun in a way that just can’t be achieved in a normal school day.”

The experience taught everyone a lot about themselves, and even more about the importance of growing together and working as a team. From midnight meditations in the rain, dancing on tables and chairs in Lan Kwai Fong, and facing the peanut-butter-covered-rice-noodles at 8am, you are pretty much certain to make life-long friends and memories during your stay in HK.

“I feel I am coming away with some lifelong friends and many memories I will treasure for years to come. Thank you to OSCA for such a brilliant opportunity.”

•   Residential-camp Daily Routine

            0800hrs: Wake-up, put on OSCA T-Shirt, breakfast.

            0900hrs: Classrooms - morning lesson 1 with your own class.

            1000hrs: Classes rotate, lesson 2.

            1100hrs: 20 minute break (dash to the shop, grab a coffee).

            1120hrs: As above, lesson 3.

            1220hrs: Lunch - yummy Asian delights round 2.

            1320hrs: Drama session - putting together the wackiest plays in the world.

            1430hrs: Afternoon activity - dance-off, mafia, party games, et cetera.

            1530hrs: Newspaper session.

            1645hrs: Teaching day over. Relax, change, maybe shower?

            1800hrs: Dinner - yummy Asian delights round 3.

            1900hrs: Evening activity - disco, bridge building, fashion show, et cetera.

            2100hrs: End of activity. Back to rooms by 2230hrs.

            2300hrs: Lights out!

Example lesson themes:

Travel, the Olympics, Media with a conscience, the Environment,Celebrations, English Culture, Around the World, Today we are visiting..., Natural Phenomena, Entertainment.