Choosing a Project

In 2016 OSCA will hold projects in China (Beijing), Japan (Kobe) and Hong Kong. You will be able to find much more information about each of these projects on their separate pages on this website. Here we’d like to give you a quick overview of each project to help you decide which projects might be better suited to you.
The exact dates for OSCA 2015 will be confirmed closer to the time, but based on previous years we expect the dates to be roughly as listed below:

  • Hong Kong: 8th of July to the 12th of August 2016
  • Beijing: 6th of July to the 6th of August 2016
  • Japan: 16th of July to the 18th of August 2016

Brief project info:
Hong Kong: great for those who want a great variation of teaching experience, as you’ll be working in both primary and secondary schools. Over 5 weeks of teaching in as many schools, even people with a great deal of teaching experience will feel pushed out of their comfort zones as you teach across many ability and age levels. As our largest camp less experienced traveller tend to feel more comfortable here, but don't let that change your mind on anything!
Japan: this is one of the most varied projects, and is not so much one camp, as 8 separate volunteer experiences. You will be teaching in much smaller groups than in other OSCA camps (in some schools with one or two other volunteers, and some volunteers will be teaching on their own some weeks). This is a great project to become fully immersed in the local culture, with most volunteers enjoying home-stays with Japanese families. In the Japan project the students' ages vary more widely than in any other – from very young primary school students, to very senior adults.
Beijing: this is a semi-residential project, in that you’ll be living in the school where you teach, but working in a day-camp (the students go home after the camp finishes). The teaching is quite intense, but the age group of the students you will teach is quite similar: all secondary students, between 11 and 14 years of age. The ability levels will be very varied though: from almost zero English to verging on conversational, so once again, get ready to be pushed out of your teaching comfort zone!
All projects: demanding, tough and challenging – definitely not suited for those who are just after a free holiday. In all projects you’ll work long hours and you’ll need heaps of energy to remain bouncy and enthusiastic teaching English the OSCA way. All projects are fantastic in their own way, so a final recommendation from the OSCA team would be not to stress out over your project choice: they are all great, and all of them have been referred to by past volunteers as ‘the best thing I’ve ever done’.
Information Evening Slides: you can find the slides from the Cambridge information evening here. We're uploading these by popular request, though please bear in mind many slides are just photos, and that most of the information from the info evening can be found elsewhere on this webpage.