Applying to OSCA

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We're looking for enthusiastic, motivated and committed individuals with a passion for working with young people.

The ideal OSCA teacher would have boundless enthusiasm, be easy to get along with, a talented classroom teacher, good team player and - most importantly - really want to work with children and young people. Teachers will have key responsibilities in preparing their own lesson material pre-departure and also in helping the team plan whole camp activities.

How do we select volunteers?

We shortlist applicants to interview based on a written application. Interviews then happen in April.

Our focus and experience on recruitment and training for new volunteers is one of OSCA's strengths.

What happens after you get a place?

Once you receive a place you're put in touch with your camp's team leader who guides you through all the preparation and practicalities to make sure you're ready for the summer.

All volunteers prepare lesson and activity plans. Volunteers receive plenty of training, guidance, feedback and support, but we want to ensure that you have the freedom to create your own material and activities rather than simply reusing something we've done before. OSCA trains and coaches volunteers so that you'll be ready by the time the first camp starts.