About OSCA

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 OSCA was born out of a desire to create a programme that would be as beneficial as possible for both the students attending the camps and the Oxbridge and local volunteers running the camps.

We wanted to make the OSCA experience possible to all Oxbridge students regardless of background. To that end, we offer funding to all our volunteers. This funding ultimately comes from the students who enroll in the camps. We also wanted to ensure OSCA camps would welcome students in Asia of very different backgrounds. To that end we run low-cost camps which are both affordable and fantastic value for money for the participating students.

OSCA is a charity, run by  past volunteers, for new volunteers. OSCA exists as a cultural exchange to facilitate links across cultures. Our mission is to organise not-for-profit English language summer camps that offer UK students the opportunity to volunteer abroad, and help young people from other countries to enhance their English language skills.

We have refined and improved our educational programmes over a 15 year period. We use our experience to provide an enriching experience for all our volunteers. We are determined to continue learning and improving, so that the best summer camps we've ever run are the ones we run next year.
OSCA works together with other local charities, schools and organisations. We are indebted to their help and support, without which OSCA's programmes would not be possible. Our greatest asset, however, has always been our enthusiastic and committed volunteers. In order to sustain our development we are looking to recruit more than seventy volunteers to take part in our programmes. To find about more about volunteering with OSCA, please click here.
If you would like any other information, please drop us an e-mail.